How to set Auto turn off Computer in window 11

In this article, I will show you how to set turn Off the Computer/Laptop at a specific time. all the windows have the same process but in this article, I will guide you only Windows 11 process.

Please Follow my all steps:

In Windows 11 Click on StartMenu.

Write “taskscheduler” and open Task Scheduler App

After Open Task Scheduler App

you will see two options “Task Scheduler (Local)” and “Task Scheduler library

Click On “Task Scheduler Local

then you will see “Actions” bar on the right corner

Click on “Create Basic Task…”

After clicking on “Create Basic Task…” open “Create Basic Task Wizard” window

Here you can write any name

In my case, I am writing “Shutdown my pc “

Description is not Compulsory

Then Click Next

After Click on “Next” Button you will see multiple Options

“Daily” “Weekly” “Monthly” “One time” “When the Computer Starts” “When I Log On ” “When is Specific Event is Logged on”

Now I am only set my ShutDown Computer/Laptop Time Only “One Time”

After That Click on Next Button

After clicking on “Next”

This is the Most Important setup

here you set a time and date when you want your Computer/Laptop Turn Off

After Setting the time and date Click on the “next” Button

Now you click on “Start a Program

Click “Next”

here it is other important things

click on “Browse….”

then find “shutdown.exe” file and click open

Here you see “c:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe

click “Next” Button

this is the Final setup

here you can see Your Task name and time&date

the Finish

The Task is Activated on your Pc


If You want to Remove Your task Follow my Setups

Again Open Task Scheduler App

Now This time Click on “Task Scheduler Library”

Find Your Task Name and Delete it….

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