The Best Countries To Live in 2023

Here is The Complete List of The Best Countries To Live in 2023.

After COVID-19, the quality of life in cities around the world is improving once again. Overall living standards have reached a 15-year high, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual Global Livability Index, which measures 173 cities around the world on measures of sustainability, health, culture, and environment, as well as education and infrastructure.

The increase is attributed to improvements in health and education standards in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, although the stability score has fallen due to the global inflationary crisis stemming from the Ukraine conflict.

But on the other hand, after the end of the restrictions imposed during COVID-19, there are significant signs of overall improvement due to the improvement of cultural and environmental scores.

The index looks at how livable a city is based on data, but only those who actually live in that city can tell how their experiences are.

We spoke to residents of the top 10 cities in this ranking and tried to find out why they chose to live in that particular city.

Vienna, Austria

The Austrian capital has remained at number one on the list and only dropped down in 2021 when its museums and restaurants were closed due to COVID-19.

However, residents of Vienna say that the city is the best in terms of stability, health system, education, and infrastructure. Manuela Filippo is the manager of two Michelin-starred restaurants. She manages them with the help of her husband.

They say that its history, reliable public transportation, and easy access to cafes, theaters, and other entertainment venues are some of the factors that make Vienna a perennial entertainment destination.

she says Sometimes we don’t understand that we may satisfy all of our entertainment needs inside the city borders when we work a lot and don’t have time to travel much.

Richard Voss is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Hotel Das Tigra in Vienna. He believes that the city’s quality of living is enhanced by the cultural history and activities available.

Richard Voss says Vienna has many impressive historical buildings such as the Schönbrunn Palace, the Hofburg, and the Vienna City Hall,”. The city is also famous for its musical traditions as Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss lived here.

He says the city’s many museums, theaters, and opera houses allow residents to enjoy these cultural traditions.

He suggests that people should also enjoy Viennese food culture.

Melbourne, Australia

The Australian cities of Melbourne and Sydney have both regained the third and fourth positions in the rankings this time, which were taken away from them during COVID-19 as the health system in Australia came under a lot of pressure.

However, this time around, Melbourne in particular scores well in terms of culture and environment, and locals are proud of it.

Jane Morrell is the CEO of Carrier Solutions. She says Melbourne is a top city because of its food, cultural activities, and events, as well as international sports such as the Australian Formula One and the Australian Open. She says that “traveling in the city has also become quite easy” thanks to trams that can be easily hopped on and off. Melbourne is also located just a short distance from world-famous beaches.

Kimi Connor is a blogger from California. She says Melbourne takes some time compared to other cities.

Sydney is not a city of buildings, it is a city of culture and it takes some time to explore. Sydney is gorgeous because there are so many stunning views, beaches, and historic buildings. To uncover Sydney’s pulse, she advises, “You must eat different foods in the city’s restaurants, find secret bars, and sit in a cafe and drink the best coffee of your life.” Gay people hiding in a closet or behind a mystery door.

They say people in Melbourne are nicer than in Sydney. Jane Morrell also credits the positive attitude of residents as one of the reasons the city scores well.

The people of Melbourne are really pleasant, according to her.

Vancouver, Canada

Three Canadian cities are in the top 10 on the list, including Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

However, Vancouver ranks in the top five due to its culture and environment scores. Locals love Vancouver for the same reason.

Tony Ho is an entrepreneur. ” Vancouver offers simple access to the forest, sea, and sky,” he claims.. Our transit system can take you from a beautiful English beach to a city-high mountain in a single day, whether you travel by bus, bicycle, or boat.’They also enjoy the city’s diverse cuisine, which is part of the city’s multicultural identity. Here you will find everything from Ethiopian injera to Tibetan momo.

Tony is also the father of a young child. He says that’s why he appreciates the city’s countless parks and beaches less than 20 minutes from the city center. ” I want to be able to use it for the rest of my child’s life.

Business Men from different countries of the world are also drawn away due to the immigration policy here.

Joe Tolzman is the CEO of a mobile platform called Rocket Plan. He says “I’m from Croatia and I was looking for a city that promotes growth but is dynamic and accepting of people,”

He says the best thing about Vancouver for starting a business is the people here. You can get help from someone during your journey. The business community here is very supportive.

 Joe Tolzman says apart from the business, the views here are also quite beautiful. “When I need a break, there’s the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other side of the street,”

Osaka, Japan

Osaka is ranked 10th on the index and is the only city in Asia to be in the top 10, however, Osaka has scored 100% in stability, health system, and education.

At a time when people around the world are worried about inflation, this is a city that is quite affordable and the locals are happy with that quality.

Shirley Zeng hails from Vancouver but now resides in Osaka, Japan

He says that the rent in Osaka is not very high like in Japan or other big cities of the world. My rent is about 410 Euros or 700 Canadian dollars per month including water, internet, and other utilities. Although it is a small apartment, it is new and clean. If you take such a place in Vancouver, its rent will not be less than 1200 Canadian dollars.

Eating out here is also a staple for the locals. James Hills says, “I’m from the UK where eating out is expensive, but in Osaka, you can eat quite cheaply at good quality restaurants.” And you can eat out every day.

This city is also considered safer than other cities. Shirley Zeng says, “I feel safe even walking at night.” She has never had to worry about her wallet being stolen.

Along with this, the reliable public transport system here is also quite beneficial. “There is an extensive train system in and around the city,” says Jonathan Lucas. It is quite easy to get outside the city to cities like Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, tied for 10th place with Osaka, has risen 25 places in the past year.

Post-COVID-19 restrictions were not fully lifted in the city until September 2022.

However, along with education, the city also scores well in culture and environment. Residents here also seemed to trust these figures.

Megan Lawrence is a blogger who says there is a beautiful beach 20 minutes away for those living in Auckland. “There is a lot of beautiful greenery around the city and you can easily get away from the city by going there.”

It is New Zealand’s largest city hosting world-class events. The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is also being held here.

Greg Marriott works for a travel company. “We have the best concerts, shows, and sporting events,” he says. Next week, an event is being held at the Auckland Museum about the pharaohs of Egypt.

They also appreciate the city’s beaches, which has earned it the name ‘City of Sails’.

New Zealand is a diverse country and hence dishes from all over the world are available here. Lawrence says that despite all these things, the best thing here is the friendliness of the people.

‘Most people are always willing to help and say hello when you’re walking. I love how people here smile and say hello to you.’

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